Cocoon Curls


My Cocoon Curls came out soooooooo defined and shiny! (I credit the massive deep conditioning as well) Let me just say, I did suffer a nice breakage sitation because of my impatience in doing this “cocoon” technique. O_o Somehow, I ended up tying a knot too tight in the nape part of my hair and tried to keep sliding the knot down the end of my hair to release but FAIL! It ended up getting waaayyy too tight the lower I slid it down and I got frustrated that it wouldn’t release and just ripped it out. :|  I know-pathetic but I almost did away with trying the style because I was mad as heck! However, I tried again on my newly broken strand and succeeded…but lost a good 2-2 1/2 inches in the process. Although I liked the results (I was sure to take my time unraveling the next day), it still reminds me of my twist-n-curl. This means, I may not do it again but it may save me from having to sleep in perm rods. You tell me what you think? If you try this style, beware and make sure you have tons of patience!