When did i decide to go naptural…I should have saved that date but it was sometime in november…I had been struggling many years with straighteners nd displeased too many times after returning from the hair dresser. I always admired seeing bald head women or creepily staring at Erykah Badu pictures in awe for time out of my day when I decided to finally look into what seemed to be getting a larger and more informative craze.

In November after much youtube  searching i finally thought it was time to wash my own hair and put what I learned to some greater use. I went to the infamous Sallys and bought argan oil curling cream…I use non glamourous head and shoulders conditioner(i hope to improve that soon) and a locking cream with a hint of kinky curly when my curls really get tough!

 I did NOT big chop but just kinda went with the flow …My natural hair has been a great success i take such pride in my hair and I CANNOT wait for all the new growth that will occur with time:) 

-No Relaxers Girls just stick with the FROS, its the way to GO!!- 

-napturally happy ,


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